Master’s Program

TowerNow accepting applications to our Master of Science in Ranch Management Program for Fall 2018.

The King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management (KRIRM) offers the only Master of Science in Ranch Management degree in the world and is designed to develop educated and experienced ranchers into exceptional leaders and managers. The curriculum and instruction at KRIRM prepares graduate students to manage complex ranching operations, and to positively impact the lives of people on those ranches and in the community the ranches support. Behind these students are faculty and other educators who are equally passionate about the ranching industry. These faculty members have extensive experience in agriculture and teach students to think both critically and progressively.

The Master of Science in Ranch Management is built around a model of systems thinking and is designed to broaden the skills and comfort zone of our students.  We accept experienced ranchers with a strong academic background that includes a bachelor’s degree.

External learning opportunities include summer internships at ranches across the United States, projects that focus on real issues for partnering ranches, and workshops with industry professionals that cover a variety of ranch-related topics.  During the final semester, students focus their efforts on an in-depth capstone project with a partnering ranch.

Selected candidates receive a scholarship of $38,000 annually.

Who should apply? We are looking for the more mature person who has some experience in the ranching industry, but perhaps wants something more out of life. Coming back to school may be a sacrifice to some, but the chase is well worth it. If you’re interested, click the links below to learn more:

Admission Requirements
Graduate Curriculum
Application Process