John B. Armstrong Lectureship on Systems Thinking


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August 14-17, 2017


$500 – Covers materials, equipment, refreshments and lunches.


Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Center
Texas A&M University-Kingsville Campus
1730 West Corral Ave.
Kingsville, Texas 78363


Systems Thinking is a language for learning and action that helps us understand more deeply how organizations and complex systems really function.  Understanding the interconnectedness of all aspects of a business operation can be critical to successful management.  Ranching is a complex business that requires managers to simultaneously evaluate and consider the consequences of decisions on the ranching operation as a whole.  This lectureship teaches principles, processes and tools that empower natural resource managers to better understand and communicate interrelationships in dynamic natural systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the often hidden and unintended consequences of our actions
  • Organize your own thinking to match the way complex systems operate
  • Change our behavior so that we are working with these complex forces, instead of against them, to create what we want
  • Expand the choices available to us and focus on high leverage changes
  • Explain trends, structures and why things are happening
  • Apply system archetypes to your own situations
  • Identify mental models and their role in structure
  • Plan and evaluate actions to improve system performance


Mike Goodman
Innovation Associates Organizational Learning