King Ranch® Institute for
Ranch Management

The King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management was created in 2003 to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of King Ranch, one of the birthplaces of the American ranching industry. In keeping with their long history of leadership and philanthropy, King Ranch and its family and friends created and endowed KRIRM in collaboration with Texas A&M University-Kingsville. The Master of Science in Ranch Management program is designed to train the next generations of leaders in the ranching industry, and emphasizes the recruitment of mature and experienced students with a high potential for managing the complexities of diverse ranches. Our students will be some of the leaders of the ranching industry in the 21st century. They will progressively manage our country’s rangeland and wildlife resources, produce livestock as part of our nation’s food supply, and positively influence the lives of people on ranches and in ranching communities.

As part of KRIRM’s outreach component, the endowed lectureship series provides the highest quality lectureships and symposia to stakeholders in the ranching industry. The Texas Farm Credit Certificate in Advanced Ranch Management has empowered outreach attendees with skills necessary to successfully lead our industry.

Through our efforts at KRIRM, we will help ensure that the ranching heritage remains a vital part of our lives.

Click on the map below to view the legacy and impact of our KRIRM graduate students.

KRIRM Impact Summary
This report is intended to showcase our unique master’s program, its students and donors, and the positive impact our outreach programs have made to the ranching industry. Download the full impact report here.
Agricultural White Paper
The goal of this paper is to guide water policy discussions and help our nation. Our nation needs agriculture and agriculture needs water.