We are determined to educate leaders who will make a positive difference in ranching, and ensure that our hard earned heritage is not lost.










Now accepting applications to our Master's Program for Fall 2015. Learn more here.

Rancher Learning Opportunities

Strategic Planning Lectureship

March 6-7, 2015


A strategic plan is a set of decisions about what, why and how to do something, all with the focus to the future. This lectureship will teach ranchers how to implement the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic planning. Learn more about this lectureship here.


John B. Armstrong Lectureship on Systems Thinking

August 10-13, 2015


Systems Thinking is a language for learning and action that helps us understand more deeply how organizations and complex systems really function.  Understanding the interconnectedness of all aspects of a business operation can be critical to successful management.  Ranching is a complex business that requires managers to simultaneously evaluate and consider the consequences of decisions on the ranching operation as a whole.  This lectureship teaches principles, processes and tools that empower natural resource managers to better understand and communicate interrelationships in dynamic natural systems. Learn more about this lectureship here.

B.K. "Kley" Johnson Lectureship on Current Ranching Issues: Managerial Accounting

September 18-19, 2015


This year, our lectureship on current ranching issue will focus on managerial accounting. This lectureship showcases initiatives in farm management to implement professional managerial accounting systems. It also illustrates the often overlooked linkage between financial analysis and strategic decision making. Learn more about this lectureship here.


10-Year Impact Report

Download Impact Report

It is with great pride that the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management presents our 10-Year Impact Report. Since KRIRM was established in 2003, the institute has proven to be a leader in educating the next generation of ranch managers. It is because of this success, that we want to illustrate our accomplishments to date. This report is intended to showcase our unique master's program, its students and donors, and the positive impact our outreach programs have made to the ranching industry. Download the impact report here.


Impact Report

Agricultural White Paper

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Agricultural Water: Protecting the Future of Our Nation

On May 1 and 2, 2012, a group of concerned agricultural land owners assembled to discuss a single topic, "Water Strategy." The meeting was intended to identify water issues facing the agricultural industry and the current state of water policy. Deliberations quickly turned to strategies needed to prioritize adequate water supplies for all users. It was agreed that agricultural leaders must join with other water stewards to address water supply and management strategies. The goal of this paper is to guide policy discussions and help our nation. Our nation needs agriculture and agriculture needs water. Download the full agricultural white paper here. Download the executive summary here.


White Paper