KirbyChance Muehlstein

Raised in the Texas Hill Country, Chance Muehlstein, attributes his passion for agriculture and wildlife to time spent on his grandparent’s ranch and a family that is active in hunting and livestock. Growing up, Chance was also active in 4-H and FFA showing market hogs and cattle, and serving in many leadership roles including the 2007 Texas 4-H Council where he met his future wife, Lesa.

After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Chance moved to Rush, Colorado, where he served as an assistant ranch manager on The Brett Gray Ranch. A 50,000-acre ranch, The Brett Gray Ranch is leased from the Colorado State Land Board and managed by Round River Resource Management. In partnership with the Colorado State Land Board and The Nature Conservancy, Round River Resource Management uses holistic management practices to run a year-round, cow-calf herd and summer stocker calf herd.

Eager to move back to Texas, Chance accepted a position with the South Texas Division of Collier Farms Beefmasters in 2013. There, he assisted in managing all aspects of their purebred and commercial Beefmaster herds, one of the largest registered Beefmaster herds in the country. In 2014, Chance came full circle and accepted a position as the Beef Cattle Center Manager at Texas A&M. As manager, Chance supported all aspects of the Beef Cattle Center, a facility that supports the teaching, research and extension efforts of the Texas A&M Department of Animal Science through the caretaking and development of a growing teaching herd.

Since graduating from Texas A&M, it has been a goal of Chance’s to eventually attend the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management. With the support of his wife, who shares his passion for feeding the world’s growing population through conservation of natural resources, Chance looks forward to continuing his education and the opportunities that lie ahead.