CreechLee Creech

Lee Creech was born and raised on a ranch just north of Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. Creech grew up spending his summer months building fence and calving cows. His family’s ranch, M.C. Quantock, has grown in size significantly over the years, currently calving around 1,000 cows. The herd is predominantly purebred Red Angus and Angus with a couple hundred Hereford and Charolais cows. These cows produce the bulls that go into their annual M.C. Quantock “Canada’s Bulls” Bull Sale on the final Saturday in January. The sale is Canada’s largest.

After graduating high school in Lloydminster, Creech attended the University of Lethbridge, Alberta graduating with a Bachelor of Management in Marketing. Upon graduation Creech transitioned his role with M.C. Quantock away from day-to-day operations, to various assignments throughout the year on the business side of the ranch.

With the intent to return to day-to-day operations of the ranch, Creech pursued a career path that would diversify his skill set. He then accepted a job in Wetaskiwin, Alberta working for a livestock nutrition company. During this time he was the understudy of two ruminant nutritionists, spending his days testing forages, balancing rations, and making recommendations for hundreds of cow/calf producers, seed stock operations and backgrounding feedlots.

With the ranching contacts he made along the way, Creech ventured out on his own in business and started importing utility vehicles from oversees to sell to his established customer base. During this time, Creech took a few weeks away to attend the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Denver, Colorado. Upon completion, he transitioned into a career with Global Auction Guide, a technology company that helps traditional auction markets and auction houses open up new markets by marketing their sales online. Creech was soon presented with an opportunity to work with a fast moving consumer goods company, which he saw addressed two shortcomings in his current career path—managing people and working in a corporate setting.

Having learned much from these experiences, Creech is excited and honored to attend the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management where he plans to use his diverse background to better understand the challenges the ranching industry faces. Creech also looks forward to learning from his peers in the KRIRM program, and gaining a broader perspective on the North American ranching industry. He also jokes that escaping harsh Canadian winters is exciting, too.