Joe Glascock

Working hard from an early age, Joe Glascock started receiving cowboy wages at 11 years old.  Being the oldest of four, he was expected to work alongside his father in all aspects of the ranching industry. Joe’s determination and drive to pursue great things in life took him to Oregon State University, graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.  Following graduation, his passion for ranching continued as he worked on several different ranching operations that finally led him to Wyoming.  He returned to school and graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2001 with a Master of Science in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management.

With his practical and academic experience, Joe recognized the many hurdles that the ranching industry faces, including working with multiple federal and state agencies.  He worked as a range conservationist for 10 years with the Bureau of Land Management. With his desire to return to the ranching industry, Joe worked in middle management on corporate ranches in Nevada.  While in Nevada, he was the Beef Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, a duty that afforded him the opportunity to serve as the 2016 Young Cattlemen’s Conference Nevada representative for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in Washington D.C.

Joe’s desire to continue learning about the ranching industry led him to attend several King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management (KRIRM) trainings that furthered his interest to become part of KRIRM.  From Oregon to Texas, with his wife of 12 years and five young children, Joe looks forward growing his ranch management skills at KRIRM.