Mark Kossler

Mark Kossler is the General Manager of Turner Enterprises Western Ranches in Bozeman, Montana. In this capacity, Kossler oversees the management of 16 ranches in the western U.S. consisting of approximately 1.9 million acres; 51,000 bison; and 250 employees.  All ranches raise bison commercially as well as incorporating numerous wildlife and conservation projects into their operations.

Kossler graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Range Science.  Prior to his current role, Kossler managed Vermejo Park Ranch in Raton, New Mexico, a Turner Enterprises ranch that consists of 592,000 acres of very diverse habitat (high mountain plains at 6,300 feet to high alpine mountain at 13,300 feet) and operations of commercial bison (1,500 head). Kossler oversaw the budgeting and managing of 35 full-time and 65 seasonal employees.