Photo-Coming-SoonClay Burtrum

Clay Burtrum began his involvement on a cow-calf and hog operation in Stillwater, Oklahoma. In college, he held various jobs including the meat department of a local grocery story, OSU research facilities and OSU Veterinary Medicine College. Upon graduation with an Animal Science Biotechnology degree, Clay accepted a job with Continental Grain, now JBS Five Rivers, as a management trainee. He worked in the feed mill, managed feed crew, doctoring crew and shipping/receiving. He was moved into the position of cattle manager where his responsibilities included the management of the cattle department of 25 employees. Clay was responsible for the marketing of fed cattle and the purchasing of some feeders. After 6 years, he left the feedyard for Microbeef Technologies in Amarillo. He moved back to Stillwater in 2000 to work for Farm Data Services (FDS). FDS is a specialized agriculture accounting firm that specializes in Managerial Accounting for farmers, ranchers, feedlots, and rural business. Upon arriving, the company expanded the appraisal business, started a cattle buying business and crop insurance services. Today the cattle buying business buys cattle for Stockman’s Order Buying and the crop insurance business has clients across Oklahoma and Texas. Also, Clay and his father ormed Burtrum Cattle LLC. This was primarily a cow herd and a stocker operation. In 2008 with the ever changing market they switched the operation to a commercial cow calf operation. They currently own and operate Red Angus and Angus cows at 2 different ranches located in north central Oklahoma.