About Our Sponsor


Texas Farm Credit is an agricultural lending cooperative that specializes in rural financing by providing competitive rates, flexible terms and personal service to farmers, ranchers, rural residents and agribusiness firms, from the Red River to the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas Farm Credit is a part of the nationwide Farm Credit System, which is the leader in financing agricultural production and has been financing rural America for almost 100 years. Their charge is to serve the agricultural and rural community by being a reliable lending source in both good times and bad.

As a cooperative, Texas Farm Credit is owned by borrowers and governed by a board of directors who are farmers and ranchers, themselves. That means always having the customer’s best interest in mind and never losing sight of what is important to them. And, ownership of the co-op entitles customers to share in the earnings through the patronage program.

As a lending co-op, Texas Farm Credit operates in the borrowers’ best interests and caters to their short- and long-term credit needs, with flexible financing solutions and an array of cash management products and services including pasture and crop insurance. The lending professionals at Texas Farm Credit can structure a loan to meet the customer’s individual needs, from cattle and timber loans to real estate mortgages and complex agribusiness financing packages.

The mission of the association is “To be the preferred provider of sound, dependable, and competitive agricultural credit and related services.” Through its partnership with the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management, Texas Farm Credit is able to employ that motto allowing opportunities for expanding relationships within the agricultural industry.

For more information about Texas Farm Credit, visit their web site at www.texasfcs.com.